Gear Service

For all of your equipment service needs, Water World is the place for you. Our service techs are highly experienced and certified by most major manufacturers.  In the unlikely event that you have equipment that our technicians are not certified on, we have several business partners who specialize in servicing gear and chances are very good that we can still facilitate your service needs by manufacturer certified technicians.  From filling tanks to servicing your bc’s, annual regulator service, and batteries for your computers, Water World’s excellent prices and service quality you cannot go wrong.


VIP (Visual Inspection w/o fill)$15.00
VIP with Fill$23.00
VE Inspection (Visual Eddy on 6351 tanks) w/o Fill$30.00
VE Inspection with Fill$35.00
Hydro Test w/o Fill$45.00
Hydro, VIP, & Fill (Air)$68.00
Doubles – Disassembly & Reassembly$40.00


Annual Overhaul$25 per stage (+ Parts)**
Annual Inspection (Aqualung & Apeks)$25.00
Console HP Spindle Service and Replacement$10.00
Redline: 4/5 Day Turn-a-round$20.00 additional
2/3 Day Turn-a-round$35.00 additional
Next Day$45.00 additional

**If regulator is under life-time parts warranty (USD/Aqua Lung /Apeks), passport or documentation with proof of annual inspections must be presented or parts will be charged.


  • Annual Service – Test & Wash $25.00
  • Service & Overhaul $30.00 plus parts


Battery Change Labor$10.00
Monitor I and II Labor (battery change)$25.00
Monitor I and II Battery Kit$75.00
3.6 Volt Lithium$14.95

Average turn-a-round time is 3-4 weeks