Instructor Bio | Pam LaMunion

Pam was born in Tennessee, 1 of 8 siblings. She has managed her own business since 1986. She become interested in Scuba Diving while watching the TV series Sea Hunt as a young girl. Her desire to see the beauty that lies beneath our waters was stronger than the fear of going where she had never been. Her adventure started in 2005 with a PADI Open Water Certification, She continued her training each year with new Certifications, not knowing where it would take her, because it was just plain fun. With each new training certification she become a safer and more experienced Scuba Diver. Today, Pam holds a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Certification with Specialities that allow her to teach the following, EFR, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Care for Children w/AED, Boat, Deep, Cavern, Underwater Navigator, Enriched Air, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project Aware, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Sp. She also holds a Cavern Certification with NSS-CDS and a DIVEHEART Instructor Certification, which gives her more training to teach students with special needs. Pam enjoys teaching and with each student she teaches she says, "they learn something new together." Her favorite Dive site is Bloody Bay Wall which she dives often with her Dive Buddy husband, Gary.