Instructor Bio | Bill Sawyer

William "Bill" Sawyer

WTS HS FLSPWilliam T. (Bill) Sawyer immersed himself in the underwater world later in life than many, but did so with a passion that took him from Open Water Diver, to Technical Diver, to Scuba Instructor in an 8 year span.  Beginning with an Open Water class in 2001, that he took with his son, he completed much of his training through Down Under Surf and Scuba in Raleigh, NC, where he also began his instructional career. He joined the Water World staff in late 2014.  

At present, he is a PADI Master Instructor.  Among his particular teaching interests are a number of PADI Distinctive Specialties, including Self-Reliant Diver, and TecReational Diver, as well as courses relating to sidemount diving, gas blending, and equipment management.

His favorite dive sites often involve deep wrecks, and his favorite dive travel destination (so far) is Bonaire.  But, the list of places he plans to go is long, and continues to grow (Gallapagos Islands, Truk Lagoon, etc).  For Bill, diving is about experiencing life from a perspective entirely different from what those on shore might ever see. ‘Diving allows you to enter another world, where as a guest you are privileged to see and interact with the truly beautiful creatures that inhabit our oceans, in a way that a picture alone can ever allow.’ 

When not working or diving, or sharing his love of the marine world with others through scuba instruction, he enjoys flying and coaching high school athletics.(fastpitch softball).